I grew up on a rural property just outside Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I played sports, explored the great outdoors, and discovered a love of photography in my free time. I went to a great high school and earned direct entry into my BSc.Mechanical Engineering.  My undergraduate exposure to the world of engineering design led me to pursue an MSc.Engineering Design Innovation at Northwestern.


         I have had the good fortune to play on team sports at a high level. This experience with great teams has taught me the core values of working with people to a common objective, the need for competence and integrity in your role, and the need to trust in your team and your plan to succeed.


           My core competencies are in mechanical engineering: designing, prototyping, testing, and communicating; working on mechanical assemblies is where I feel most at home. My supporting skillset is more human centered, and includes design research and industrial design. This diverse skillset allows me to be extremely versatile, and lets me find ways to be effective in almost any team.

Nice Words from My Classmates

- Reliable
- Supportive
- Inventive
- Proactively good at teaching
- Volunteer
- *Enthusiastic volunteer